Academic Research

Academic Research

Research projects at both academic and commercial institutions have adopted Embic’s digital cognitive biomarkers to facilitate their work. Cognitive biomarkers illuminate aspects of brain function that cannot be directly observed and provide deep insights into overall brain health. In addition to clear utility as outcome measures, cognitive biomarkers can accelerate subject recruitment and effectively refine sample classification. Such refined classification accuracy improves study sample characteristics and leads to improved outcome analyses.

Importantly, Embic’s digital cognitive biomarkers can be derived retrospectively from existing, external datasets, or prospectively from data collected in new studies. With advanced scoring methods, analyses of such datasets can discriminate meaningful signals from noise in the data and yield more compelling conclusions.

Embic Academic Initiative

Embic will support academic researchers through our Academic Initiative. Under this initiative, we will provide SaaS-based generation of digital cognitive biomarkers for prospective studies, and/or retrospective generation of digital cognitive biomarkers on previously collected data. Embic will provide these services to academic researchers at no cost, or in certain circumstances, at minimum cost.

If you are interested in this initiative, please reach out to us using the form below. Our scientific team will review your submission and get back to you to further discuss your proposal and support available to your project.