Research & Development

Research & Development

Embic’s Research & Development (R&D) efforts are led by a team of scientific experts in the fields of neuroscience, cognition, mathematics, and cognitive modeling. The team is supported by Embic’s Scientific Advisory Board and has achieved a significant track record of success in the field of cognitive modeling, including multiple patents and peer-reviewed publications. More importantly, these scientific achievements have accelerated research across the entire field and have improved clinical outcomes for patients around the world. Learn more about Embic’s scientific activities.

One significant aspect of Embic’s R&D program is the recursive use of the data collected through our online cognitive assessment platform. With every assessment performed on the platform, our underlying database of reference norms grows and becomes more informative. These reference data unlock ever-deepening insights into brain health and facilitate ongoing development of new cognitive models. This ongoing process drives a self-enhancing cycle that strengthens Embic’s potential for ongoing scientific innovation.

Embic also conducts research and development activities which are often supported by small business grants from federal agencies. To document and define our standards and procedures for identifying and managing financial conflicts of interests to safeguard the integrity of research conducted by Embic (Formerly Medical Care Corporation) and our sub-awardees and contractors, Embic follows the Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) policy that can be viewed here.

Join Our Team
Embic is currently accepting application(s) for the following position(s):
– Data Analyst (view job description)

Embic seeks driven individuals with a passion for cognitive modeling and bioinformatics. We encourage talented professionals to contact us at any time, even if there are no open position(s) listed, to discuss their candidacy for joining our team. Embic is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment for all employees.

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