Illuminate Underlying Cognitive Processes

Embic’s Digital Cognitive Biomarkers are born of innovation that combines multi-disciplinary scientific expertise with twenty years of data collection.

Digital Cognitive Biomarkers

Embics digital cognitive biomarkers provide elegant solutions to many challenges faced by researchers and care providers in the field of brain health. Learn more.

Research & Development

Embic’s R&D efforts are led by a team of scientific experts from the fields of neuroscience, cognition, mathematics, and cognitive modeling. Learn more.

Big Data

The precision and accuracy of Embic’s cognitive models are enhanced by a dataset of normative values collected during the company’s two decades of scientific activity. Learn more.

Embic’s Digital Cognitive Biomarkers provide beneficial solutions in the fields of drug development, academic research, and clinical care delivery.

Drug Development

Embic’s digital cognitive biomarkers can accelerate trial enrollment, demonstrate cognitive safety, and precisely characterize cognitive treatment effects. Learn more.

Academic Research

Embic’s cognitive models facilitate brain health research and our Academic Initiative supports academic researchers with free access to our digital cognitive biomarkers. Learn more.

Clinical Care

Embic’s online assessment platform generates digital biomarkers that guide clinical care decisions for providers managing the cognitive health of their patients. Learn more.

What’s New

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