Clinical Care

Clinical Care

Embic’s cognitive assessment platform has been adopted by physicians and other healthcare providers through our SaaS-based portal. Our Memory Performance Index (MPI), derived from responses to a list learning task and a recognition task, is 97% accurate in distinguishing patients noticing “age-related cognitive changes” from patients noticing “cognitive changes that are likely caused by an underlying medical condition”. It is also highly accurate in detecting mild cognitive impairment in middle-aged or older patients who have not noticed any cognitive changes, but are having their memory assessed as part of a routine wellness exam.

The MPI is generated by administering Embic’s brief assessment, the MCI ScreenTM. This brief assessment is available in your office through an online account, can be administered by office staff with no special training, takes about 10 minutes to complete, and is attractively reimbursed by Medicare and PPO insurance plans in the USA.

Embic Corporation (Formerly Medical Care Corporation) is happy to ensure seamless access and ongoing support for all of our clients who use the MCI ScreenTM. To create a new account, or to access your existing account, including all of your previous patient data and assessment reports, please go to the MCI Screen Home Page where you can login to your account.

For accountable care organizations and others responsible for both the delivery and the cost of care for their patients, assessment with the MCI Screen is a pragmatic first step in evaluating memory concerns. Nationally, about half of expressed concerns in primary care settings are due to healthy patients noticing changes associated with normal aging. In these instances, the expense and burden of a full clinical evaluation (including blood work, MRI, and specialty consult) is not necessary. On the other hand, when a subtle concern is caused by an underlying condition, correctly diagnosing the underlying problem and intervening in a timely manner is the best way to maintain optimal health, minimal costs, and high patient satisfaction. Embic’s cognitive assessment platform can aid a proactive approach to managing cognitive health across and aging patient population, and it can do so in a manner that optimizes outcomes and minimizes costs.

For community-based and population health programs, Embic’s tools are well suited for various preventative “health screening” initiatives.