Embic’s Digital Cognitive Biomarkers will be highlighted at the 15th Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD) Conference, Nov 29 – Dec 2, in San Francisco, CA

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Presenting Newest Research and Developments

Embic is excited to share research on Digital Cognitive Biomarkers at the following presentations:

P166: Calculating Generalized Recall Probability Using Digital Cognitive Biomarkers Derived from Wordlist Memory Test Assessments
P167: Digital Cognitive Biomarkers from the ADAS-Cog Word Recall Test: Accuracy and Validity of Classifying Cognitive Impairment
LP88: Characterizing Cognitive Changes in Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease using Latent Cognitive Measures from the ADNI Dataset

Additionally, please join us to learn more about Embic’s academic initiative and discuss your interests with our research team.

The Embic team looks forward to meeting you in San Francisco!

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